The global pandemic of car accidents preceded COVID-19 by decades and there’s no vaccine in sight. Beyond the horrendous human tragedy in lost lives, life-altering disabilities and endless devastation to family and friends, accidents also pose immense financial implications, affecting multiple players across the mobility world. Any significant piece to the traffic accident solution puzzle, would need to increase safety in ways that financially incentivize key stakeholders. That’s why fleet managers and insurance companies, for example, have vested interest in predicting drivers’ behavior as a prerequisite to hiring or insuring them, and why autonomous vehicles and smart cities will only be viable once we can optimize autonomous drivers’ behavior.
Current driver behavior analysis methods are statistics based and general, unable to truly understand the specific conditions and context in which any given safety event occurred.

In order to be able to ascertain what truly brought on each specific occurrence, we would need to place an experienced tactical driving instructor in the front passenger seat, applying their full expertise and keen senses to report back precisely what happened. Too bad we can’t assign such a professional to each and every vehicle… Or can we? At i4drive, that’s precisely the tech equivalent we’ve developed.

i4drive was founded in 2015 by seasoned experts from diverse, interdisciplinary science, engineering, business and tech fields with additional vast experience in the security and emergency arenas, who share a vision and passion to change the culture of driving and prevent car accidents across the globe.

i4drive develops advanced software-based technology, already adopted by many customers including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, ITS providers and system integrators.

i4drive has won prestigious competitions and has recently begun collaborating with several key automotive companies.

The pairing of its cutting-edge technology with its important achievements has firmly established and positioned i4drive as an important player within the industry.


Reuven Ulmansky

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board
IDF elite intelligence unit veteran, former senior positions at Intel, Koor Industries and Israeli Aircraft Industries. Adjunct professor at the Guildford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management at Ben-Gurion University.

Adi Goren

Co-Founder & CEO
A visionary entrepreneur with over 20 years of technological and executive management experience. Adi has held diverse positions in high-tech ecosystems, among them founder of Investro Group and CEO at Comxense, and has a proven track record of success in the telematics and automotive fields. Adi is an avid fan of operational driving dating back to his service as a tactical driving instructor, exercised currently during his monthly shifts volunteering as an ambulance driver and ambulance drivers instructor. Adi holds a B. Sc. in Computer Science.

David (Dudi) Cohen

Co-Founder & CSO
Israeli Police Commissioner (Ret.), with 30 years of management and operational experience across the police system, including broad experience in traffic safety; Consultant at Israeli energy company Delek Group.

Gideon Carmon, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer
Gideon has led complex R&D projects in the fields of Consumer Electronics and Automotive, including senior project manager in Samsung Electronics for remote optical tracking, and Founder & CTO at the automotive startup Guardian Optical Technologies (acquired by Gentex) that developed an advanced optical sensor for in-cabin monitoring. Gideon holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Physics from Ben-Gurion University, Israel, with optical microscopy specialty.

Eyal Kotlitsky

Chief Operation Officer
Eyal has 20 years of experience in management and operations positions in technology companies, especially telematics and fleet management, with vast knowledge in logistics, vehicle monitoring, GPS systems, fuel automation and more. Eyal holds a B. Sc in electronics engineering.

Yuval Carmon, Ph.D.

Chief Architect
Yuval has more than 25 years of experience in innovation and R&D management, software and algorithms development. Previously served as VP R&D and CTO at Shamir Optical, and also CTO at startups in the optical domain. Yuval holds a Ph.D. in Physics with adaptive optics specialty.

Wasim Farhat

Head of Development
Wasim has more than 20 years of experience in developing large-scale systems and projects in the fields of telecommunications, optics, IT etc. Throughout his career, Wasim has managed and led various complex projects, including architecture and end-to-end design, front-end and back-end development. Wasim holds a B. Sc in computer science.

Nathan Bucci

Project Manager
A passionate leader who is fueled by challenge, novelty, and innovation. Nathan manages a team of 7 analysts who are working around the clock to deliver unique and actionable insights to i4drive. His background in computer programming, business management, and venture capital gives him a unique perspective on the industry that i4drive operates in. Nathan is pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Information Systems at the University of Florida.

Yamen Nasser

Head of Software Development
Yamen is a full-stack developer with more than 15 years of experience in application and presentation layers, database development, UX and UI. Yamen has vast expertise in large-scale project design, real-time data processing, complex data storage etc. Certified in both F/E and B/E technologies. Yamen holds a B. Sc in computer science.

Jason Bellina

Project Manager
Avid fan of technology, especially in the fields of AI with strong background in market research and customer success. In charge of project management in the aeras of marketing, business development and consumer research. Jason studies Information Systems at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Samantha Fitch

Business Analyst
As a strong advocate for passion being the driving force of the work people do, Samantha's interest in driver safety coupled with the AI market is highlighted within her role as a business analyst. Her background in investor outreach and market analysis is utilized as she identifies potential partners for i4drive. Samantha studies Business Management and pursues a master's in international business at the University of Florida.

Chaim Coutts

Advisory Board
Global Insur-tech Consultant, Fundraiser, Expert, Facilitator and Mentor. Chaim has 20 years’ experience in the Global Insurance market, spanning all lines of business from personal to commercial lines; traditional and non-traditional. Chaim also has a flair for delivering on novel Insur-tech propositions, with a solid track record of successfully spinning up large Insurtech PoV's (Proof of Values) in collaboration with major insurance carriers in the US, UK and the Middle East.