i4drive patented software-only, multi-layer technology (Patent No. US 10,298,741 B2) allows a deep understanding of everything that happens on the road, inside and outside the vehicles.

With deep AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities, our software provides critical insights on driver behavior, risk patterns, safety events and road conditions, for multiple smart mobility applications.

Cloud-based Deep Learning Analytics

i4drive AI engine comprises advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms, processing data transmitted from tens of thousands of vehicles every minute, every day. The AI engine uses unique training methods for data validation, event analysis and accuracy improvement.

AI multi-layered technology

Our patented multi-layered technology comprising data processing from sensors in 4 different layers; vision, sensor fusion, V2X and cloud. This modular architecture allows high flexibility, ensuring optimal performance for any use case.

100% hardware agnostic

i4drive software-only cross-platform technology can be integrated seamlessly into existing or dedicated devices, both OEM grade and aftermarket. Using different chips, sensors and operating systems.

Powerful data platforms

Comprehensive platforms tailored-made for various smart mobility customers and operators, comprising dozens of different datasets including safety, driver behavior, risk patterns and road conditions parameters.

A wide range of system compatibility

i4drive’s software-only product can be installed in almost any video-based, existing or dedicated device, including telematics cameras, fleet tablets, DVR systems, Head-up Display systems (HUD) and many others.

Maximum performance

i4drive software comprises advanced AI, computer vision and deep learning algorithms, applied both in client-side chip and server-side cloud. It is especially designed to work with minimal hardware requirements, ensuring optimal performance.