AI for Smarter Mobility.

About us

i4drive Data Platform provides deep analytics and driver profiling based on proprietary patented AI technology that enables fleets, insurers and smart mobility operators to truly understand what is impacting driver behavior and safety. i4drive has developed the most innovative methodology for driver behavior analysis called RISC Driver Profiling™, a model based on i4drive AI core technology for driver profiling, technical & tactical driving evaluation and risk assessment.

Patented Technology

Artificial intelligence multi-layered solution based on deep learning

Flexible Integration

100% hardware agnostic, cross-platform solution

Powerful Insights

Multiple data platforms, based on real-time and offline insights and analytics

Real-World AI Data

Collecting and processing critical data from thousands of different scenarios



Bringing telematics into the 21st century by adding artificial intelligence to new and existing platforms.
i4drive cloud-based deep learning telematics provides real-time critical insights, allowing complete understanding of safety situations and driving habits.

Autonomous Driving

Making autonomous driving a safe, viable reality will require optimizing the stream of relevant, interpretable and applicable information to the vehicles and from them. By collecting and processing critical data from diverse sources i4drive provides valuable real-world insights enhancing the capabilities and decision-making of autonomous vehicles.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities will be powered by smart data. i4drive is creating a comprehensive data platform to provide powerful, actionable insights for authorities, operators and traffic management centers, with which to understand, better manage and respond in a timely manner to critical safety events.

Award Winning Technology

Developed by an interdisciplinary, seasoned team of engineers whose expertise spans a variety of fields, i4drive’s multi-layer modular technology adds immense value to the daily operations of numerous players in the smart mobility arena and those surrounding it.