i4drive develops a software-only, patented multi-layer technology that collects and processes real-time data from multiple sensors, inside and outside the vehicle.

i4drive provides critical insights into a variety of smart mobility applications including telematics, autonomous driving and smart cities. Its proprietary, patented software-based technology fully integrates with a wide range of hardware systems, sensors, platforms and operating systems, providing advanced artificial intelligence capabilities which dramatically improve the way humans drive and the way machines are trained to drive.

Our solutions help drivers, OEMs, fleet owners and insurance companies reduce road accidents, monitor driver behavior and road conditions, delivering state-of-the-art performance with minimal hardware requirements.

AI Telematics

Upgrades any telematics solution with powerful AI.

i4drive brings AI (artificial intelligence) to any telematics solution. Our software-only product seamlessly integrates with almost any video-based device, and through advanced sensor fusion with computer vision and machine learning multi-layered technology, provides deep insights on driver behavior and safety events.

While standard solutions require months of data collection and statistics to create a basic driver profile, i4drive provides a powerful data platform analyzing driving habits, driver distraction, safety events and risk patterns all in real-time, thus enabling fleets, telematics service providers and insurers to efficiently manage and monitor their entire fleets.

Headway Distance Monitoring

Forward Collision

Pedestrian Collision

Lane Departure

Traffic Lights

Traffic Signs

Aggressive Driving Monitoring

Lane Handling

Non-intrusive Driver Distraction Monitoring

Road Conditions

Safety Levels

Advanced Driver

AI Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicles face great challenges, arising from thousands of different scenarios, each requiring complex judgement.

By collecting and processing critical data, i4drive provides valuable real-world insights that enhance the capabilities and decision-making of autonomous vehicles.


Using our patented, multi-layered detection technology, i4drive reduces false negatives and false positives, providing insightful event analysis and validation through multiple data sources.


i4drive algorithms can predict possible collisions and “close call” events (involving vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists etc.) very accurately, using multi-layered sensor fusion and behavior pattern recognition.

Real-world Data

While others are training autonomous vehicles in laboratory conditions, i4drive enhances overall capacity by using critical, real-world insights from its large vehicle network.

Better Decision Making

Semi and fully autonomous vehicles must make decisions in a split second. i4drive adds a critical information layer to any vehicle, improving its decision-making ability and performance.

AI Smart Cities

i4drive’s powerful and comprehensive platform comprises real-time and offline data arriving from thousands of vehicles across the globe. This data platform provides critical insights that help authorities, operators and traffic management centers to understand, better manage and respond to safety events.

Real-time Data

Critical data arriving from thousands of vehicles flows in real-time into traffic management centers, allowing monitoring of safety events and road conditions.
i4drive platform filters, analyzes, prioritizes and packing this useful data into valuable insights, allowing operators to obtain a comprehensive picture of the traffic situation.

Traffic Violations Monitoring​

With its unique AI telematics engine, i4drive can detect and track traffic violations in real time comprising dozens of different parameters, allowing authorities react to emergency events and streamline traffic management across cities and districts. ​

Comprehensive Statistics​

i4drive data platform provides detailed and comprehensive statistics on high-risk areas for accidents and dangerous situations, allowing operators and traffic management centers improve their decision-making and response to safety events. ​